Monday, September 7, 2009


As the popularity of your blog as it seems that it is not easy. There are some basic rules continued growth in traffic and blog post are to ensure. Here are some suggestions that the work can be implemented very easily contribute to the popularity of blogs are doing. Surely, there is that your blog can take these tips to traffic and are providers out more.
To create a blog attractive and unique is important to visit your blog. There are several online tools, CMS may want to create your blog. Blog, which you can build from scratch can be a creative and future development blog gives comfort. If you are a good start "with a blog and think you have used for the right place. Instead of hosting your domain, another domain is the best thing I can think of, because you automate much publicity and links as can attract. other blog's content is focused on. When you put on them the title, to ensure that they are small and trapped at the same time. they must be smart key words or phrases that Your blog will be useful when using search engines. fora and actively participate in other blogs to your blog's popularity is the key. When you write interesting things about the current heavy traffic blogs and websites that you attract What writing, it is possible that the temptation to learn more about you and can easily ask their travel blog. location will also help increase visitor traffic.
Blog, which is a work material on the subject, which are particularly informative and should be useful for bloggers. People know and want to learn what questions should be based on. This way, you read my blog informative and advertising oral repeat visitors have mentioned. Make sure you provide links to your posts which are important. Make sure you post your blog's ads make good on. A popular guest bloggers promote their blogs bring. This is a great way to create visibility to your blog. Well with the number of plans passed supplemental reading text formatted text better.

I recently found a program called''RSStoBlogger. "Some one person one very important tool in promoting cooperative relations uses of blogs as useful. It works like a charm and very easy to install and set up. Just Blogger. com and hosting account account is less. After installation, it's more than 5 minutes I wanted to do and blogs I follow, some have been asked and RSS feeds.
And that the program works amazing: Auto-New RSS feed, links to my blog! And I have to write something. Many opportunities this program provides an effective double filters available.
You also can add Google AdSense to your blog and your PayPal account to send money to watch your blog every time someone updates, messages and kind to examine travel. This program is very useful, because every day I see that growing to write your blog. Payment to you random nonsense, or copy paste - do not function is defined as room settings.

Monitoring software can help visitors understand what you have and what is not. Analysis of the flow of traffic to your blog. Presentation of content based on feedback you receive from the software yourself. Maybe you have a favorite material, which is quite old. But it is easy to organize files, and visitors in terms of topics and information. "Secret information" Common people do not usually take on - the top of the popularity of blogs has helped - as well some of the secrets, pricing information, etc. As the company can hit without sharing can be

Friday, August 28, 2009

14 Best Way to Drive Traffic

Best 14 tips to drive traffic to website or blog.

1. Article Marketing
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Social Networking
4. Directory Submission
5. Free Press Release
6. Guest posting
7. Blog Commenting
8. Forum Posting
9. Video Uploading
10. Traffic From Yahoo
11. Create a Free Report
12. Free Classified Ads
13.Put unique content
14.Submit to search engine

1. Article Marketing:article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are made available for distribution and publication in the marketplace. Each article contains a bio box and byline that include references and contact information for the author's business. Well-written content articles released for free distribution have the potential of increasing the authoring business' credibility within its market as well as attracting new clients.

2. Social Bookmarking:If you are a blogger you should not avoid this step. There are so many social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Mix, Propeller, Delicious etc where you can bookmark your blog post.

3. Social Networking:Blogging is all about community. Join social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog,myspace etc and make friendship with other blogger. Join as a reader to all those blog and those blog owner may also return same favor for you. Add your blog RSS feed to your Facebook or myspace account. You myspace or facebook profile will be automatically
updated once you publish a new post and your blog post will be visible to all of your friends.This will few click to your site.

4. Directory Submission: Once your blog has a good content submit your blog to all of the directories on Robin Good’s list of RSS directories.

5. Free Press Release:Inform world about your blog through press release submission. you find free press release from google search engine.

6. Guest posting:Blogger allows for guest post on their blog. Make a good post on their blog and put a link back to your blog. It will help you to get some more traffic

7. Blog Commenting:post comment on other website or blog according to niche blog put singature in comment so that people can come to your blog.

8. Forum Posting:According niche blog or website we search is place were niche people some put there idea or suggestion,asked for help.this is great place to market website as singature.

9. Video Uploading:you can unload video to popular video site like youtube,metacafe etc., put your website name in video and broadcast the video so that it can be viewed by large visitor.It a best place to drive huge traffic.

10. Traffic From Yahoo:you can get good traffic from Yahoo answer.In this answer the question in yahoo answer put link to your website.

11. Create a Free Report: Create a free report like ebook and give free on your blog niche and allow visitors to download it. People loves freebies and they will come back to your blog if you continue this. classified list:put free advertisement in classified like

13.Put unique content:one of the important way to drive traffic to blog or website is put unique content.

14.Submit to search engine:submit your blog to search like google ,yahoo,msn,bing,etc.,search bring highest traffic to website.

In internet business 99% scam

Dear friends,

I was in internet marketing for last 2 year.I am also like you guy who want to earn great income quickly.I tried many quick rich ebook,software and many more and spend thousand’s of dollar in such product.Than I brought some article writing software which created 100’s of article quickly and submit to article directory and earned quick create it 100’s of article they look like unique also but when I submitted I don’t get much traffic from such article.i don’t know was waste of money and time for me.

But you don’t believe me I also like you people who search again for quick rich product or software.After 2 or 3 month one of my friend told me that you earn money on internet.but not as quickly as you want.He recommend me to site from which he make 100 or 200$ per of site is mass article creator it offer a software which create mass article from a single article and there also mass submitter software too.
So What I taught is why i don’t place my money in software again could it change my brought this software. This one also create mass article out of one single article and submitted to article directory’s.what result I got is great I have earned dollar’s from this software.article created from software bring me great traffic and I earned money from my affiliate program.I was happy with my friend consultation.which help me earned great income.

Early my view about internet business was 100% scam but now my view is 99% scam.There is 99% scam in internet only few product or software are great which help me earned money on day I earned 100 or 200 $ per day with mass article creator and submitter.when I brought mass article submitter i talk with creator he told your lucky you got this.There is great demand for this product in internet.I ask them did it work for me they told you will again call me that is worked for me.

I don’t forced you to buy mass article creator which changed my life.waste some more money in ebook and software than buy this.
Now you people have a thinking that show some income proof.i am telling you I show you shortly in website.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Get paid to complete offer .Best source of income for u.s , u.k people and other people

Get paid to complete free offer,survey.etc.,you could also earn money by referring your friend to cashcrate they pay 20% hurry.

Cash Grab:
The Cash Grab is a completely free service that pays its members money for filling out forms, taking short surveys, purchasing products, completing offers, and referring friends.
They pay 3$ sign up bonus.
They pay 20% commission on referring join now

Sign offers:

Singoffers pay you to complete free offer,free surveys,trial etc.,they pay 15% commission on referring friend.

Squishy cash
Squishy cash is best get paid to take offer pay good commission .and it also pay to referring hurry to join.

Get Paid To
It has no minimum can earn money from completing survey and can also earn 0.25 for each referral and referral percentage is as follow.

Referrals are designed for you to earn extra points by referring your friends and family to our site. For every offer your referral completes and is approved for on our site, you will earn 20% of what they earned. You do not earn referral commissions on sign-ups, only on offer completion. Referrals work 3 levels deep, with the minimum commission set to 0.01. Example:

  1. If you refer Bob and Bob has an offer approved for 10 points you will earn 2 points. (20% of 10 is 2)
  2. If Bob refers Mary, and Mary does an offer worth 10 Points, Bob earns 20% of 10 which is 2 points. You would earn 20% of 2 which is 0.4 points.
  3. If Mary refers Sally, and Sally does an offer worth 10 points, Mary earns 20% of 10 which is 2 points. Bob earn 20% of 2, which is 0.4 points, and you would earn 20% of 0.4 which is 0.08 points.


Treasure Trooper is Best place to earn huge dollar.they paid to complete surveys and can also get paid for referral system at is setup to reward our members for spreading the word. They give you 20% of the money that your referrals make and 5% of your second level referrals. This adds up to a lot of money very quickly if you can get a few referrals. Naturally, the more referrals you get, the more money you can make. The following are some tried and tested methods for earning new referrals. was created to allow its members to earn money, prizes, and other rewards by working at home. This can be accomplished by completing offers such as surveys, trial offers, and by referring your friends and family to the site. Each referral brings more rewards to you.

Mysurvey4cash pay to take daily survey,get paid to complete offer.They pay 15% commission for referring friend.

• Earn Cold Hard Cash with chillincash
• Get Paid To Complete Offers
• Make Money Off Referrals
• *INSTANT* PayPal Payments

Monday, April 13, 2009

Earn Great money from receiving SMS only for Indian

Did you know that you can also earn money by receiving SMS on your moblie.It is great to know that even moblie help us to earn money.There you company pay for receiving sms
Now you can get paid to received sms on your mobile. Register with Mginger here and get paid for sms you received 0.20 Ps for each sms you received. Get 0.10 Ps for every sms received by your friendwhich is refered by you. And you earn 0.05 for each sms receied by your friend's friends refer.join today and start promating Mginger

Example :
If you get 10 ads perday you earn =.20*10*30=60
If you refer a 20 member to and then they received 10 sms a day you could earn:0.10*10*30*20=600
If your referral refer 10 people each that mean 10*20=200 referaal and they received 10 sms a day you earn =0.05*10*30*200=3000
So general formula refer more earn more.and its residual income not one time income
So join now.

Here you get for each sms received by you,or your referal,or your referral referral.
- You Rs 0.20
- Your Referral - Rs 0.10
- Your Referrals Referral - Rs 0.05 you get.

At present Youmint is started sending cash mails to its members,Payment allocation will be same as above.they are paying for referring people to their website.


IT is same as Mginger and youmint.join now

Few best survey company for US,UK and other countries people

Permission Research :

PermissionResearch is part of an online market research community.It member are with over 2 million members worldwide.In this you can download software,sceensaver,play games and take survey and earn good you join this .Dont miss to join because its free to join nothing to lose so join here

Reward Gateway

It a best place were you can get reward on your can earn good income through this site.

ECN Research survey

ECN Research survey is best palce to earn good income they pay money for taking survey,they pay money for referring people and there many other way hurry and join now.

Opinion Square
Two words in the world of business and survey companies are offer are : Cash and Prizes. At Opinion Square,share your opinions about topic from cell phone companies to ice cream flavors companies earns you rewards like points redeemable for valuable prizes, cash, and entries into our $100,000 sweepstakes!opinion square send you survey Via email .Complete your survey let you earn remeemable point or prize.
Opinion Square is leading market research company having 2 million here to join opinion square .

Earn 56,230$ in just 60 day.if you work hard.

Today i am sharing with you how to earn money from 6dgr.The social networking site.

Here the detail information below before you join:

what is 6dgr
6dgr is a fast-growing social business that offers the customizable fun and useful features you would expect from a normal social network, and also actually pays Active Members to develop networks of Active friends, family and business associates! Active Members can make money - real money, not just a few cents - from their own activities and the activities of the networks they build. The 6dgr approach is simple, easy to understand, and fun to be part of - no hard to understand payout rules, no complex matrix, just a straight down the line opportunity to make friends and make money and have fun doing so.

So join now

Well then, how do I make money?
When you join as a 6dgr can earn money when you referred a person to 6dgr.They pay 3$ that 150 rupee for a referral.
1 level that which you refer they pay 3$
2 level that your referral refer a friend you earn 2$
3.level that your referral referral refer a friend you earn 1$
4.level you earn 1$
5.same as four
6.same as fifth

Show me the Money

Enter the number of Active Members you expect to sign up per referrer on each of the six levels to calculate how much you could earn in one-time payments. Remember, these payments are only what you will get for Members of your Network becoming Active-you could also make money from loyalty bonuses,and from other goods and services purchased by your network through 6dgr.

Each Level Total Each Level
1st degree sign-ups: 10
2nd degree average sign-ups
per 1st degree:
3rd degree average sign ups
per 2nd degree:
4rth degree average sign ups
per 3rd degree:
5th degree average sign ups
per 4rth degree:
6th degree average sign ups
per 5th degree:

My Network:


Earnings for Active Member Signups


That 56,230$ you make if you refer a member to 6dgr.

But wait is this not so easy.when you join a new Member is considered a Social Member until they become Active. You make money when you become active and sign up people under you become Active.

So right now your thinking

What does 'Active' mean?
1.You become active when you upload a means any photo.
2.Entering a personal information and valid email address
3.The most important sign up for preferred payment method through which you like to get money.Normally for indian Paypal .And enter payment id in 6dgr payment section.

So join now

Another doubt arise in the mind of you that is

OK, so how much do I have to pay to be a member?
Absolutely nothing! 6dgr membership is free for all members, whether they are Social or Active Members. Some of the Preferred Payment Solution providers charge a monthly fee to maintain an account with them, but there are others that are totally free - so nobody has to pay anything at all to enjoy the benefits and make money with 6dgr! We believe that you should think twice, and then think again, before joining any network that asks you to invest your own money - all we ask of you is as much or as little of your time as you want to put into growing your network of Social and Active Members.

Now you are thinking this is free,but how i will promote this site:
Here is a after you join 6dgr send me mail redarding how i promote this site .I will tell you free method to grow your referral and earn money.

Trick and Tips for getting referral.

Another biggest question rise is how to do marketing or how to get answer is here you can get referral for social networking is here.

1. - Obvious enough, another very similar

community. Post your url in new blog posts, in bulletins, in groups,

and anywhere else that you can get away with it. Check your links

once you post them, Myspace has been known to block links to Yuwie

in messages and on profiles.

2. - Yet another large online community,

and a good place to recruit if you already have a friend base here... Or

sign up for a new account and start spreading your referral URL

anywhere you can.

3. - Same as above.

4. - Same as above.

5. - Same as above.

6. - Same as above.

7. - Same as above.

8. - Same as above.

9. - Same as above.

10. - Same as above.

11. - Same as above

12. - Same as above.

13. - Same as above.

14. - Same as above.

15. - Same as above.

16. - Same as above.

18. - A large community of musicians,

bands, and listeners.

19. - Another music based community.

20. - The best kept secret of online marketing.

Post a few ads on craigslist in the "services offered" category about

making money online, social networking or yuwie, make sure to use

keywords in your title and post. Include a few links using your referral

url with the same keywords as your title and watch your downline grow.

Hint: Search engines index craigslist ads, your ads will have a good chance

at making the first couple pages for what ever keywords you optimized for.

21. - Same as above.

22. - Same as above.

23. - Same as above.

24. - Same as above.

25. - Same as above.

26. - Same as above.

27. - Same as above.

28. - Same as above.

29. - Same as above.

30. - Same as above.

31. - Same as above.

32. - Same as above.

33. - Same as above.

34. - Same as above.

35. - Same as above.

36. - Same as above.

37. - Same as above.

38. - Same as above.

39. - Same as above.

40. - Same as above.

41. - Same as above.

42. - Are you into making movies?

Well its time to get started. Make a few videos and upload them to youtube,

make sure to put your yuwie referral URL first thing in the descr i ption.

Youtube is one of the most popular sites on the internet, use it to your

advantage. Also try to use a very catchy starting image, keyword filled

descr i ption, and keyword tags to get more views.

43. - Same as above.

44. - Same as above.

45. - Same as above.

46. - Same as above.

47. - Same as above.

48. - Same as above.

49. - Same as above.

50. - Same as above.

51. - Same as above.

52. - Same as above.

53. - Same as above.

54. - Same as above.

55. - Build a free page about yuwie, about social

networking, or making money online. Search engines also like Squidoo,

remember to think about keywords in a the title, content and links.

56. - A perfect place to start your own free blog about

yuwie, about social networking, or about making money online. Include your

referral code here and there and submit your posts to,, and

57. - A forum about making money online.

Here you will find many people looking to make easy money from home... a

perfect place to spread your yuwie links. Make sure to add your yuwie url in your


58. - Same as above.

59. - MyLot is simply a discussion forum where

you can get paid to start and respond to discussions.

Adult friend finder is best afflilated program.find out how?

I was searching for some best Affiliate program which pay me good commission long life. I try to much.Then I got a Affiliate program from The Penthouse Pet Party in Hometown, USA.which has various product.But there product are about adult dating,live cam,friendfinder,in short dating sites.They have around 26 to 27 dating sites on diffent topic like adult dating,friendfinder,gay friend finder,indian friend finder etc.,

They have great promotion method like banner,text ads,keywords ads,latest advertise method video ads which attract huge audience.

This company is paying good payout.They pay 1$ for male registration and 2$ for female registration.And if member become there paid member than there payout is differnet in different site .some site pay 80$ commission some pay 90,100,110 $ per member.

They also pay for referral a Affiliate program to other people .And they called them broker program in which they 10% of Affiliate person commission earned. Example if you refer 10 people they earn a commission of 1200$ than you get 120$ commission.According to me a single person can earn 300$ to 400$ on this Affiliate program easy with this hard work.Than if you refer 10 people whose earning is 300 $ per month that means 10 people=300$*10=3000$.and your 10% commssion is 300$ for just referring that 10 guys to friendfinder Affiliate program .and if you refer more and guys you earn more and more commission.

And more important thing is its free to join Affiliate will lose nothing if you join this.But you gain thousand of dollars if you join.

And last thing i would like to tell you is you join any Affiliate program .But work hard and sincerely than only you will earn commission there no easy money on internet.

Start Building Your Internet Income Today Free."

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