Monday, April 13, 2009

Adult friend finder is best afflilated program.find out how?

I was searching for some best Affiliate program which pay me good commission long life. I try to much.Then I got a Affiliate program from The Penthouse Pet Party in Hometown, USA.which has various product.But there product are about adult dating,live cam,friendfinder,in short dating sites.They have around 26 to 27 dating sites on diffent topic like adult dating,friendfinder,gay friend finder,indian friend finder etc.,

They have great promotion method like banner,text ads,keywords ads,latest advertise method video ads which attract huge audience.

This company is paying good payout.They pay 1$ for male registration and 2$ for female registration.And if member become there paid member than there payout is differnet in different site .some site pay 80$ commission some pay 90,100,110 $ per member.

They also pay for referral a Affiliate program to other people .And they called them broker program in which they 10% of Affiliate person commission earned. Example if you refer 10 people they earn a commission of 1200$ than you get 120$ commission.According to me a single person can earn 300$ to 400$ on this Affiliate program easy with this hard work.Than if you refer 10 people whose earning is 300 $ per month that means 10 people=300$*10=3000$.and your 10% commssion is 300$ for just referring that 10 guys to friendfinder Affiliate program .and if you refer more and guys you earn more and more commission.

And more important thing is its free to join Affiliate will lose nothing if you join this.But you gain thousand of dollars if you join.

And last thing i would like to tell you is you join any Affiliate program .But work hard and sincerely than only you will earn commission there no easy money on internet.

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