Monday, April 13, 2009

Earn Great money from receiving SMS only for Indian

Did you know that you can also earn money by receiving SMS on your moblie.It is great to know that even moblie help us to earn money.There you company pay for receiving sms
Now you can get paid to received sms on your mobile. Register with Mginger here and get paid for sms you received 0.20 Ps for each sms you received. Get 0.10 Ps for every sms received by your friendwhich is refered by you. And you earn 0.05 for each sms receied by your friend's friends refer.join today and start promating Mginger

Example :
If you get 10 ads perday you earn =.20*10*30=60
If you refer a 20 member to and then they received 10 sms a day you could earn:0.10*10*30*20=600
If your referral refer 10 people each that mean 10*20=200 referaal and they received 10 sms a day you earn =0.05*10*30*200=3000
So general formula refer more earn more.and its residual income not one time income
So join now.

Here you get for each sms received by you,or your referal,or your referral referral.
- You Rs 0.20
- Your Referral - Rs 0.10
- Your Referrals Referral - Rs 0.05 you get.

At present Youmint is started sending cash mails to its members,Payment allocation will be same as above.they are paying for referring people to their website.


IT is same as Mginger and youmint.join now


  1. you are making people fool there is no free join program

  2. if you really want to earn online means you must register at

  3. hey asad here i mention all program are free to join only.